Blahface (ziraray) wrote,

Every morning I'm woken by sheep

If I were a semi-attractive young man, I'm pretty sure this is the expression I would have all the time. Dazzling vacant.

Oh, no, no, don't mind me, darling! You just go back to being oblivious.

Hallo, this is Adam Recker. He can travel through dimensions in his sleep. Unfortunately, this has led to him accidentally convincing everyone (including himself) that he's crazy, and so he has wasted his life away on sleep meds and anti-psychotics. Whoops! Happens to the best of us.

He is not actually, like, bald. I simply do not understand hair. So I disregard it's existence. Great coping mechanism, right?

Okay, I just noticed while scrolling past the image that his glasses are totally uneven. Except, if I just LOOK right at the picture without focusing on how the lenses line up, they don't look particularly wrong. But now that I KNOW they're crooked, it's bugging me. Can I just not see what's wrong because I've been looking at it for so long and/or I'm the one who drew the picture? Are his glasses actually SUPPOSED to be crooked based on the way he's holding his head? I do not know!

I am paranoid.
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