Blahface (ziraray) wrote,

Goals, I can has them

Because I can apparently only accomplish things when they join forces to become a list capable of making me feel guilty about my laziness, HERE ARE THE THINGS I AM GOING TO DO THIS SUMMER.

To Be Accomplished:
  • Actually read all of Sherlock Holmes, okay, you can do this.  
  • Get rid of some a shitload of clothes.  You are never ever going to wear that shirt, Kim--just let it go.
  • Also get rid of some fucking books (so that you have room to acquire more).
  • Make lots of delicious food!  Without eating it all yourself!
  • Play some video games!  This is totally a legitimate goal.
  • I dunno, doodle shit when you get bored.  On that note, please to be actually getting the copy of OpenCanvas that you paid for, Christ.
  • Write something that doesn't suck. 
  • Find a dress that you can actually wear without making people throw up a little bit.
  • Have the most awesome roadtrip ever.
  • Acquire practical shoes.
  • Become less fat  :'(  [See:  Dress]
  • Write your article for Gusto!  C'mon already!
  • Do something with all those pictures of trees and mimes that you took.
  • Make sure that Mr. Jensen gets his present before he leaves.
  • Watch some movies.
  • Get a haircut.
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